The Pros
First, the good: Hollywood is actually smaller than I had imagined which is nice because it’s easy to navigate.  There are plenty of places to eat and hang out.  Hollywood Boulevard offers some interesting things to do including Grauman’s Chinese Theater which is the most impressive sight to see on the boulevard.  Driving up the hill toward the famous Hollywood sign is also a sight to see–houses of all shapes and sizes and time periods and styles of architechture line the narrow road, giving the area a village-y look and feel.  Since Hollywood doesn’t have snow, the roads can be quite steep, an interesting detail to us Coloradoans.  You can actually hike to just above the sign–kind of cool.

The Cons
Seth and I have thoroughly discussed Hollywood, and we just keep going back to our original opinion.  After staying a little under a week in Hollywood, we have decided that Hollywood is overrated. 

The Walk of Fame is ok but not anything half as glorious as my mind dreamed up.  I has imagined a glittering city with photo shoots happening on every corner–red carpets rolled out in every direction.  What we saw was poverty and sex.  Last night, Seth took a wrong turn and found himself on the western end of Sunset Boulevard; he came home telling stories of prostitutes on every corner and strip clubs lining the streets.  Vegas is rather like this, but whereas that lifestyle is more of a vacation lifestyle in Vegas, in Hollywood, we get the impression that it’s more a way of life.

Overall, Hollywood made us appreciate our home in Colorado.

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