Alisa & the Bunnies

So, while in LA, our friend Danny introduced us to his awesome friends, Eli and Alisa; Alisa is in a band called Alisa & the Bunnies, and she’s got an incredible voice.  Tuesday, a big group of us gathered in Eli and Alisa’s apartment; we figured out that each and every one of us is a musician, and that night, each of us got to share our talent with the group.  I sang a jazzy version of Britney Spears’ Toxic–SO fun.







Alisa sang several of her originals, and I was totally floored by the versatility of her voice.  I immediately downloaded all of her songs to my computer.  She’s this gorgeous Jewish/Russian beauty with amazing punk-rock style.  Both sides of her head are shaved with a shock of bleached blonde hair down the middle like a mohawk, and it looks on her.

She’s going to be gigging soon around LA, so look for her!


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