New Car: The Closing and Opening of a Chapter

Something sad and happy:

We’ve been trying to figure out how in the world we are going to make this trip work logistically; we own two Honda Civics that are too small for an extended roadtrip.  So, we have set out to try and find the perfect car for our purposes: something roomy enough to sleep in, handles well in weather, isn’t freakishly expensive, and gets good to ok-ish gas mileage.  Seth was thinking a 2005 BMW 525xi wagon (he’s enamoured of all things BMW–and more than we wanted to spend), but when I chanced upon a cute little Subaru Outback for sale by the side of the road, we just knew it was the car for us. 

Of course!  The Subaru Outback: the Colorado state car. 

Seriously, it seems like one in three people in Colorado owns one.  Why?  They’re weirdly awesome in weather.  Seth and I tried test drove the Subi (as it is referred to now), and it crawls right up the sides of hills and mountains–stuff that my brother’s Jeep would have to gain some speed to get up. 

So, we bought it.  YEAH!

But every new chapter written is the closing of the previous one; we sold my little silver Honda Civic.  My parents bought this car for me when I was a junior in high school, and it pretty much blew my mind.  I have driven that thing into the ground with almost no problems–it’s always gotten me where I’ve needed to go.  It was a sad day when I sat in my car for the last time, my old friend, Bucky.  I felt like I was breaking up with my car.  We ended up selling it for top dollar (surprise!) to one of the first people to respond to our ad on Craig’s List.  That money plus some extra money we had saved from one of Seth’s recent projects allowed us to buy the Subi with cash–a good feeling.

So, come February, we will be tootling around the country in a brand new (to us) Subaru Outback. 
Merry (early) Christmas to us!

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