Headed to Indiana, but in Des Moines, IA

To start the lifestyle of living, working, and traveling in a healthy and exciting balance, we’ve started our travels to a slightly familiar town in Indiana called Michigan City.  Seth’s dad’s family is from there originally and 2 aunts, 2 uncles, 1 grandmother, 2 cousins, over 1000 picutres, and more than a handful of memories await us in the small northern town in Indiana. 

A 16 hour drive today landed us in a little town called Des Moines in Iowa.  We had ideal plans to camp in some unpopulated side road in our little tent.  We brought old newspaper, a pot, food to cook in the pot, and two sleeping bags.  It was “raining.”

I must explain that when I hear the word raining, especially considering the idea of the midwest, I expect little drops of rain to be hitting the ground to make everything wet.  The rain in Des Moines, IA tonight is more like a strange monster that just attaches to everything to make them wet.  It’s foggy and everything’s wet.  No water has fallen from the sky in hours.  What the heck is this?



We got checked in to the hotel room and found what we thought to be a bed bug… it was way bigger and didn’t have the same identifying features, but it still freaked me (Seth) out.

We’re headed out to a little place on Court Avenue that’s supposed to have the best brew and pizza in town according to urban spoon. Click here to see what other people are saying about Court Avenue Brewing Company.

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4 Responses to Headed to Indiana, but in Des Moines, IA

  1. Mom - Schaeffer says:

    Love watching you guys, Love the BLOG. Good job Carrie. And good job, Seth.

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  3. Kelly Binfet says:

    SO fun. I am hoping you win the Gain prize…but wondering if it will change the course of what you are doing. I hope if you win….you sock it away and just continue to do what you are doing…don’t let the money change you…..
    Thanks JD for linking us to you :)

  4. shortandhat says:

    I’m so glad you visited our blog, and thanks for your support of our video. If we won (which we didn’t), we had already decided that we were going to live the exact same way – no fancy-pants lifestyle for us (primarily because it’s fun and creative to make a dollar stretch). It would just mean that Seth wouldn’t have to work as much on the road doing commercial projects for clients and we could focus mainly on the blog and traveling.
    Thanks again for checking out our blog!

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