About Short

Carrington Shaeffer aka Short

Short’s real name is Carrington Schaeffer, a small girl (5’0″ tall – a mere two inches away from legal dwarfdom) who loves small towns, old things that are falling apart, buying old clothes at GoodWill (and then ripping them apart to make something beautiful), poetry, Star Trek TNG, and sushi.

Carrington is thrilled by anything citrus, the sour-er the better–at this moment, her mouth is watering because she’s thinking about lemons. When she was little, she had an imaginary friend named Leanna who slept on the top bunk of their bunk bed (also imaginary). Since then, she has indeed gotten pulled over for stopping at green lights.

She enjoys ridiculous things like rick-rack, ruffles, and placecards at formal dinners but decidedly does not enjoy truly ridiculous things like politics. She’s proud of the fact that she can curl up and sleep on rather smallish ottomans. Sometimes, she writes tasks she’s already completed on To-Do lists just for the satisfaction of crossing them off.

She’s a singer, writer, friend, fellow-adventurer, analyst, copywriter, and anything else she wants to be.