About Hat

Seth Schaeffer aka Hat

Hat’s real name is Seth. His second home is Starbucks, and his favorite drink is a Grande Americano (no room). His (embarrassing) claim to fame (that Short won’t let him forget): He won a collegiate math tournament as a sophomore in high school without studying, and he still has the t-shirt to prove it.

Things he’s fastidious about: solving a Rubix cube in under two minutes, videography, and covers on his bed (because his wife inevitably messes them up).
Things he isn’t fastidious about: everything else.

People who know him best have rarely seen him without a hat.

Talents: (aforementioned) Rubix cube solving, dog whispering, hat wearing, jazz piano playing, knife making, light bulb changing, to-the-hospital kind of driving, smiling, and beat-boxing (both white and black flavors).

He’s an entrepreneur, videographer, musician, friend, consultant, and a regular ‘ol hat wearin’ dude.