El Stacchio

El Stacchio
The stache is getting AWESOME.

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Merry Christmas from Short and Hat (and Baby)

We hope this Christmas is a warm one surrounded by family, furthy blankets, laughter, memories, and love! Merry Christmas, Dear Readers!


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An EPIC Christmas Party

Every year, my friend Amy throws the most epic Christmas party you can imagine.

The whole thing started in 2008 when she decided to create her own version of the Christmas party. The stars must have aligned that night because something was birthed out of the whole experience that will forever ruin me on cookie-cutter Christmas parties.

Okay, it wasn’t that the stars just aligned. To be fair, Amy put in a lot of work, but my point is that I don’t even think she was expecting it to become the thing it’s become. Now, in its fifth year, she must have over one hundred people cycling through her house throughout the night and enough food and treats to feed a small army. This year, helped Amy with her food prep a couple days before the party.

I even made some of my own contributions:

Cherry pie for Amy's party

Classic cherry pie

Almond cheese ball for Amy's party
Almond cheese ball pine cones–I combined the best parts of these two recipes (#1 and #2) to make my own yummy concoction.

Plus, her charming 1800s era house looks like something out of a Pottery Barn magazine thanks to her construction/interior design talents.

If there ever was an occasion for black gloves, this party would be it.

But the best part of the whole thing, the one thing that has cemented this party into legend status is the singing. Five years ago, Amy’s sister and mother-in-law attended the party. Both these ladies are well-versed in music. Also, there was a piano, and I was game. Christmas tunes were played and three-part harmony was happening. And right about that time, the first snow of 2008 started to fall. Soon, others started joining in, and before you knew it, we were a jolly, laughing mess of Christmas cheer. And since my friend Amy has a hankering for a good Christmas tune or two, it’s been a tradition we’ve since perpetuated. Now, S usually plays the piano, Amy’s dad plays guitar, and the rest of us honk out the Christmas songs.

Here’s the thing about Americans and singing: we’re all about it when we’re cranking K$sha in our cars ALONE or in the shower ALONE, but when it comes to singing in front of others, all of a sudden, oh no! We’re far too proper and dignified for all of that. And yet, there’s something within us that yearns for the feeling of connectedness and camaraderie a communal sing produces. The other day, I heard on the radio that Christmas caroling around the neighborhood is dead and outdated. I nearly called the radio station up and gave them a piece of my mind. We want to sing–we’re just scared and self-conscious. Amy’s annual Christmas party isn’t about sounding good or showcasing how refined your voice is. It’s about honking out the lyrics “FIVE GOLDEN RINGS” at the top of your lungs and hitting the high note right along with the person next to you during “O Holy Night.” It’s about laughing at how good it feels to be in a room with some of your best friends in all the world and loving them all the more when they sing a wrong note.

It’s about community and remembrance.

Some of my very best friends. Our lovely hostess, Amy, is sitting on the left.

This year, for the first time ever, someone actually documented our party, but it took another blogger to do it. Lisa Moore of MooreMinutes.com actually took pictures for her blog, and because I can’t seem to remember to take pictures to save my life, I’ve shared her pictures with you. These lovely images are courtesy of Lisa.

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Back on our Side of the Mountains

Because of our recent big news, we decided we needed to be closer to family.  Seth is still going to do a lot of work on the Front Range (primarily because that’s where most of the work is), and I’ll be nestled into our quaint little home in Grand Junction, just two minutes away from my mom and dad.

We had quite an experience moving from Fort Collins, however.  I’ll let Seth tell it in his own words:

Our Movers

“When Carrington and I decided to hire movers from a Craigslist ad, we had no idea who was going to show up. We can say though, we did not expect to see Andy and Andrea Andrews. We’re not sure how old Andrea is, but Andy is 76. After a short battle between our principles and prejudices, we realized they knew what they had signed up for. After all, who are we to say no to a willing and able couple that wants work?

With little help from us, the furniture and boxes were no longer in the basement and the moving truck was loaded up.

We were inspired by their work ethic and willingness to work!”

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Updates and Changes

In true Short and Hat fashion, we are ever-changing, flitting around from place to place however the wind takes us.

But we’re about to embark on the biggest adventure as of yet.


We found out we’re pregnant and are having a baby May 20, 2013! I (Carrie) can’t even begin to tell you how amazingly complex pregnancy is–something that’s hard to explain until you experience it.  But, I will try to explain over the coming months as well as keep you updating on our progress!

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